AUXOWAY is a French agrotechnology startup that offers innovative solutions to professionals in the seed and food industry. Faced with practices that are too energy intensive or rely on the massive use of phytosanitary products, AUXOWAY proposes cold plasmas as a breakthrough technology. This approach allows to perform fast, one-step treatments, simple, efficient, low cost, with low carbon footprint and without releasing harmful substances into the Environment. It is thus possible to improve the germinative properties of seeds, to protect them from numerous pathogenic agents (fungi, bacteria) but also to preserve fresh products in the long term while preserving their taste and nutritional properties.

  • We are recruiting a Laboratory Technical Assistant (m/f) on a full-time fixed-term contract as well as interns with training in seed biology (Paris, 75). For more information, click here.

  • June 14, 2022: Auxoway participates to LFDay: the biggest agricultural and food innovation event in France. More than 120 start-up, a large range of conferences, workshops & BtoB meetings all day long

  • Middle of May, 2022: Auxoway has presented its business project to the Paris City Council to set up its business activities in an industrial hotel. This structure will open its doors at the end of 2022 and will host an ecosystem of companies specialized either in agricultural production and distribution activities or in agrotechnologies.