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Contract services: AUXOWAY offers turnkey solutions based on a unique and protected know-how, at the interface of plasma science, seed biology and process engineering. These solutions are designed for agricultural products, in particular seeds. AUXOWAY processes these products using advanced cold plasma technology and returns them to customers according to one of these 3 plans:

  • Discovery (Free) : non-optimized treatments performed a single time on a limited sample. Only the plasma-activated products are returned.
  • Essential: plasma treatments are optimized on an unlimited number of samples. Only the plasma-activated products are returned.
  • Integral: plasma treatments are optimized on an unlimited number of samples. The plasma-activated products are returned as well as the operating conditions.

Co-development (or research collaboration contract): AUXOWAY offers its customers to work together on exploratory research projects on fundamental and/or applied questions. The problem to be studied must be original and customer-raised. Co-development has a « High Risk – High Gain » aspect while offering the client the potential of a competitive advantage with particularly fruitful spin-offs. This approach is based on the assumption that AUXOWAY and its customer can develop a collective intelligence to learn and grow together.

Commercialization of tailor-made treatment processes for agricultural products, including dry atmospheric plasma primer for seeds (DAPP-K: capacity of 1 kg/hour and DAPP-Q: capacity of 100 kg/hour) as well as device for plasma-activation of liquids (HYDRAPL: capacity of 1 L/hour)

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