Genesis of the startup

  • AUXOWAY finds its origins in 2018 when T. DUFOUR and C. BAILLY, researchers at Sorbonne Université, have the idea to work on a common project bringing together their mutual expertises: cold plasma physics and seed biology. Interdisciplinary research is achieved as part of their two laboratories:
    • The Plasma Physics Laboratory (LPP, UMR 7648): a structure that brings together about fifty permanent researchers whose field of study ranges from astrophysical plasmas to laboratory plasmas, from nuclear fusion plasmas to cold plasmas, from fundamental physics processes to industrial applications.
    • The Developmental Biology Laboratory (LBD, UMR 7622): a structure of the Paris-Seine Biology Institute (IBPS) which concentrates a large part of the biology research of Sorbonne University. The LBD has 16 research teams including the « Seed Biology » team.