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Advanced plasma solutions

CapGer-K device #1.3 from Auxoway treating seeds of various size

Our cold plasma processes are dedicated to the treatment of seeds of all sizes and contribute to significantly improve their germinative properties as well as to disinfect them from pathogens of all types, whether they are bacteria, fungi or viruses. The technology we are developing has many advantages over the fleet of devices currently used in the seed industry.

Our processes have low power consumption and can be connected directly to 110V/220V mains sockets.

We are working to innovate a versatile technology, i.e. able to easily adapt to current production lines for optimal complementarity.

Our processes are easily scalable, especially when dealing with seed quantities in the kg range. We currently work on upscaled processes to reach processing rates of up to 100 kg/h.

Cold atmospheric plasmas do not release global warming gases like CO2. In addition, the carbon footprint of our processes is very low.

Processing times are relatively short, typically ranging from a few minutes to half an hour. By comparison, conventional processes such as hydropriming are associated with seed treatment times lasting several days.

Reactive species of nitrogen and oxygen improve the germinative properties of the seeds. These reactive species have sufficiently short lifetimes (a few ms to 1 s) and disappear as soon as the plasma is switched off. Therefore, Auxoway technology does not release harmful substances into the environment.

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