The team

Thierry DUFOUR – Cofunder & CEO at Auxoway

  • T. Dufour is a Senior Lecturer at Sorbonne Université and has the status of « Researcher-Entrepreneur » to head Auxoway.
  • He is affiliated with the LPP (Laboratory of Plasma Physics) where, as a physicist, he carries out his R&D activities in the field of « cold plasmas » applied to Life Sciences, and more particularly in agriculture, evolutionary biology and cancerology.
  • He has been PI of several pioneer and interdisciplinary projects, bringing together researchers from different backgrounds (physicists, biologists, clinicians, immunologists, chemists, …) with the aim to use cold plasma as a disruptive alternative to conventional approaches.
  • Metrics: 4 patents, H-index 18, 36 articles, 12 proceedings, >100 conferences.

Christophe BAILLY – Cofunder & CSO at Auxoway

  • Christophe Bailly is Professor of Plant Biology at Sorbonne Université and has the status of Researcher-Entrepreneur to co-head Auxoway as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO).
  • He leads the Seed Biology team as part of IBPS (Institut de Biologie Paris Seine) and is an internationally recognized for his works dealing with molecular mechanisms of germination, dormancy regulation, role of reactive species in seed dormancy regulation
  • For years, C. Bailly has developed a very strong translational research activity for the seed industries in France and internationally. He is an expert in Research Tax Credit for the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, member of the Pépite juries and member of the steering committee of SmartFood Paris (Paris&Co).
  • Metrics: 80 articles, H index = 43, >200 conferences.

Jonas AUGUST – Cofunder & CTO at Auxoway

  • J. August is a PhD student (3rd year thesis) at Sorbonne Université under the status of « Student Entrepreneur » within the PEPITE program (promotion 2021-2022).
  • As part of his thesis at the interface of plasma physics (LPP) and seed biology (IBPS), J. August is interested in the mechanisms of action of cold plasma on seeds placed in anhydrobiosis. Thus, he was led to answer both fundamental questions but also very applied problems allowing to lift technological barriers for industrial transfer.
  • He presents a scientific and technical profile that has no equivalent in France, in particular concerning plasma processes dedicated to the improvement of germinative properties and seed decontamination.